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A more roundabout way to enjoy life

Watching one of the spectacular sunsets on Clearwater Beach has a way of bringing out one’s appetite. How about some irresistible bottle of wine? It’s just a short walk from the beach to Bobby’s Bistro.

Mmmmm, this tastes Woody ? ? ? !!!

Zesty, lively, young, and
robust are words that could
very well describe something
magnificent you just saw
strolling down the beach.
However, in the fascinating
world of wine, such creative
and exciting terminology
applies to the complex tastes
of wine. As do more specific
and flavorful terms like berry,
cedar, buttery, chocolate and
vanilla. So don’t get too excited
if you happen to hear your
lover in the next room saying,
“I can’t wait to get my lips on
you, you sweet, foxy, full-bodied
thing.” Chances are,
they’re speaking to a glass of

Doctor’s Rx – A Red Wine A Day, Keeps The Heart Attack Away

This just in….Researchers
have discovered that drinking
two to three glasses of red
wine every day is good for
you! This is not news to the
French, who historically have
consumed wine in abundance
and who have about a third as
many heart attacks as
Americans have. Why? Because
red wine contains substances
that prevent blood cells called
platelets from sticking to artery
walls. Hence, a lower occurrence
of coronary artery disease
and a lot more fun enjoying
wine. So order
another glass of Burgundy or
your favorite Bordeaux, drink
up and be healthy!

Beaujolais With Seafood? Zinfandel With Beef? Why Not?

No wine snobbery here. Who says you can’t drink red wine with fish, white wine with steak, and champagne with dinner? Not us! The marriage of food and wine is actually a matter of personal preference. If you’re looking for guidelines however, generally the heavier the food, the heavier the wine. Richly flavored fish goes well with light to medium-bodied red wines; turkey and capon are complemented by red or white wine; and roast chicken can be served with a wide variety of reds. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations because you think it may be an ordering faux pas. The Wine Police aren’t welcome here, and we don’t play by the rules.

Take It Home To Share With Friends

We are very proud of our fully
stocked wine cellar, which is
kept at a temperature of 55
degrees to ensure proper
storage, and conveniently
located adjacent to the Bistro
& Wine Bar. We again received
the “Wine Spectator” trade
publication Best of Award of
Excellence, and our wine list
selection has been recognized
as one of the top 10 in the
state of Florida. Take a
leisurely perusal and you’ll find
an expansive variety of wines
from Napa Valley, Oregon,
Australia, France, Germany
and Italy. They include
Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc,
Johannisberg Riesling,
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,
Zinfandel, Pinot Noir,
Beaujolais, Sparkling Wines
and more. Our wine cellar also
offers special selection half
bottles and large bottles. Shop
now and enjoy it later.
Remember, wine is also the
“I don’t know what to get”
type of gift.


A bottle of wine does not necessarily
have to bust your
checking account or exceed
your credit card limit to be
considered a good wine. And
the price of a bottle of wine
does not always reflect the
quality that lies within. The
majority of the wines on our
wine list are priced under $50
per bottle, and of course many
are offered by the glass.
Simple (young) wines are less
expensive than more complex
(aged) wines, and the law of
supply and demand can affect
the price of a bottle of wine.
If you’re unsure about a
selection, please ask. We want
you to feel comfortable and
confident that the wine you
order is one that suits your
taste buds and your wallet.

My Favorite Restaurant

When someone says that this
restaurant is their FAVORITE
place, it means that they feel
the restaurant has done something
FOR them, that the experience
is about how the place
makes them FEEL. We believe
that when people say that
THIS restaurant does something
FOR them, hospitality is
Performance (good food and
service) is no longer a differentiating
factor — it is really
just the price of admission.
There are lots of places where
someone can get good food
and service … and probably
for less money than we charge.
The “secret” is our over-riding
passion (and uncanny ability)
to deliver the gift of HOSPITALITY
— to make our guests feel
that everyone in our organization
is on your side. We are rededicating
ourselves this summer
to making this the favorite
restaurant of our wonderful
neighborhood of Clearwater
Beach, Island Estates, Sand
Key and Belleair. Give us ideas,
we’ll act on them.

Plastic vs Crystal

Although the demystification of
wine has come a long way,
there are still certain rules of
protocol that simply must be
followed. If you serve your
guests wine in a frosted
16-ounce mug, a Dixie cup or
a Scotch tumbler, listen up!
There is a better way. A 10 to
12-ounce glass is best for
appreciating the aroma and
flavor of wine. The glass
should be clear, to better
appreciate the wine’s color.
Tall glasses that taper at the
top allow the full aroma of a
wine to be concentrated. Red
wine is generally served in
large balloon-shaped glasses
to allow the rich bouquet to
expand. Tall, thin glasses
that close in toward the
top concentrate the more
delicate aroma of a white
wine, and help it stay chilled.
Champagne and other
sparkling wines are served
in tall, narrow tulip glasses
to retain the bubbles. And
remember, a wineglass should
be held by the stem not by
the bowl, which can alter its

All Together Now… One Two Three Breathe!

What is this deal about wines
that need to “breathe”? Is that
extra when the check comes,
or is it some kind of medical
thing? Can we talk here?
Actually, the breathing thing is
quite scientific and makes a
lot of sense. The theory
behind allowing a wine to
breathe is that when wine is
exposed to the air, its interaction
with oxygen releases the
various compounds that make
up its aroma and flavor. Young
red wines and some older reds
benefit most by breathing.
The amount of time a wine
should be exposed to the air
varies. A taste test is the best
way to determine a wine’s
smoothness and readiness to
drink. Cheers!

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